restoring health, naturally


I'm Sami.
My story may sound like yours:
Like so many of my clients and community, I was forced on to the path toward more empowering health practices when I was failed by the predominating medical system as a kid.
After yoga helped me overcome my illness at the age of 16, I started teaching. I used the practice and philosophy of yoga to move my way through a 6+ year battle with anorexia, bulimia & orthorexia. 
I became a doula at the age of 18 and since have attended countless births and visited countless postpartum families. 

I received my degree for Alternative Medicine in 2015, began working with clients, and am currently studying with the American College of Healthcare Sciences for my M.S. in Complementary & Alternative Medicine (grad. 2022). But if you ask me, this medicine is far beyond "complementary."


Don't get me wrong - I know allopathic medicine has it's place when acute situations call for life-saving measures. But have you noticed that the allopathic model seems to be creating dependency, while initiating way too much harm? Chronic conditions account for the majority of health issues in the US today, yet modern medicine does little to ‘move the needle’ on these outcomes. Meanwhile, it’s expensive, impersonal, and sometimes comes with consequences.

Ancient healers knew the truth of vitalism: the idea that your body, like everything in nature, has the innate capacity to heal itself - as long as all obstacles to healing are removed.

Your body is capable of healing from anything - and I mean literally, anything.

I am here to help you remove the obstacles.

Here's the problem: people who feel "okay" don't have the energy to change their lives & make history. They don't have the health needed to experience peace & pleasure in their bodies. Don't get to move towards living their most whole, fulfilling, and badass lives because their mind-body connection is knocked out of alignment. 

A disease of nature requires a cure of nature - and unfortunately, that's what we are struggling with today as a society. A lived dis-ease. 
Pollution of our natural world has stolen our natural resources and robbed us of our basic human right: health. The earth is losing her fertility and this is mirrored in the loss of human fertility of body and creative power of mind. 

I've had the privilege of traveling around the world and learning from traditional healers in South America, Asia, Europe, and Africa how they are addressing the subject of healing today.

That's why I am passionate about working with clients seeking to overcome fertility issues, eating disorders, digestive issues, autoimmune disorders, and more by learning to connect our body's rhythms to the earth's rhythm again.  


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